Do you have a special engagement at your home tonight and it’s not clean at all? You have half-folded laundry in one room, toys in another, and the dishes are piled high in the kitchen. You want your home to look nice and inviting. You want your countertops to gleam, your bathroom to shine, and your living room to be immaculate when people come to your home. You want to feel proud of where you live and with our cleaning services, you’re able to do just that.

When You Need A Cleaning Service

Most people enjoy entertaining at their home. From dinner parties with all of your closest friends to intimate get-togethers, inviting people over and sharing stories, good food, and delicious beverages is something many enjoy. One of the most essential parts of throwing events at your home is to ensure that your home is clean. After all, who wants to sit around a person’s dirty home? If you are wondering what events require our cleaning services, then we’ve provided you some examples of special occasions for when you should call on our company. If you like to get your home cleaned at least once a week, then check out Recurring Cleaning Services. If you just want us to stop by before one of these events, then check out our One-Time Cleaning Service.

Dinner Party

You’re having a dinner party. You probably want time to prepare your dishes, set the table, and change into something nice before your guests arrive. Instead of focusing on cleaning prior to the party, concentrate on what you’re serving, the beverages you’re providing, and the ambiance you want to set. If you’re too preoccupied with cleaning, you might accidentally burn something or — much worse — forget the main dish.

Graduation Party

Your child is graduating and they are transitioning into another year of school or he or she is finally finished with school. Graduating is a great time for your child to start becoming a responsible adult. Whether it’s from kindergarten or high school, it’s imperative you throw a graduation party. Instead of worrying about the state of your home as you prepare for your child’s graduation party, allow us to clean, sweep, and mop the house as you prepare the food and decorations.

Baby Shower

One of your family members or best friends is having a baby, congratulations! However, what about the state of your home? Do you really want to be worrying about getting your home ready for a baby shower? Instead, you should actually be making sure the games are in place, the treats are prepared, and the beverages are set out. Allow us to worry about the state of your home as you prepare for this joyous occasion.

Birthday Party

You’re throwing a birthday party and you know there will be a lot of guests there. Concentrate on celebrating with your loved ones instead of worrying about if your bathroom is tidy or there are hidden toys under the couch. Take the time to enjoy celebrating another year in this world or help your loved one do so and we’ll handle the cleaning services.

Tiffany Maid has an abundance of cleaning services you can take advantage of. From house cleaning to deep house cleaning, you’ll be able to choose the cleaning service that’s best for your home. If you want to take advantage of our cleaning services, then take the time to contact us for an estimate. As an Award-Winning, Ranked #1 Cleaning Company™, we strive to ensure your home is squeaky clean.