It’s sunny outside, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are finally getting their leaves again. It must finally be spring! While we’re excited that Ayers, MA, won’t be a snowland anymore, it also means there are a few strings attached with spring arriving. For example, allergies are something no one wants to deal with and they can be the worst during this time of the year. Another unfortunate downside to spring is the housekeeping and cleaning that you know you need to do. While Tiffany Maid can help you when you hire us for our cleaning services, there are some chores that you need to do yourself. For example, you’ll need to clean your refrigerator, the dishwasher, and the trash can. However, one of the many services that we offer, and one of the most beneficial for this time of year, is deep cleaning. To schedule a free estimate with our Ayers cleaning service, contact us today.

Tips To Clean Your Home This Spring

For the areas of your home that you need to do yourself, we have some tips that will help you get your home in the shape that you want it to be in. Spring is a time for new beginnings, rebirth, and new opportunities. With the long, cold winter behind us, the light of spring is warm and inviting for change. One of the best ways to incorporate change is by cleaning your house for the spring, hence spring cleaning. Throwing away clothing that doesn’t fit, putting away clothing that is meant for winter, and getting rid of little knick-knacks that you don’t use anymore are great ways to cleanse your home. To help you get ready for beautiful weather and a clean house, we’ve provided some tips to ensure your spring cleaning goes smoothly.

Clean Your Refrigerator

One of the most skipped areas of the home for cleaning is inside the fridge. It’s understandable. It’s a place no one wants to venture. Food and drinks spill, it gets smelly, sticky, and crowded in the refrigerator, which makes it all the more understandable that you must clean it. Most people skip cleaning the fridge all together because it can become overwhelming, which is why we’ll break it down for you so that it’s easier and not as daunting.

You’ll want to start a separate trash bag for all the items you’re throwing away because if you leave it in the house, it can stink up your entire residence. You’ll want to get rid of items that are expired, you don’t use, or containers of food you made long ago, but never ate. Once it’s all cleaned out, you can use baking soda and salt as an abrasive to really get rid of the stench and the stickiness in the fridge. In addition, this combination is a great cleaner due to the bubbling action and how it really picks up those hard to reach areas.

Air Out Your Blankets

You probably wash your blankets pretty frequently, so you’re probably thinking that you don’t need to wash them for the spring. However, it’s beneficial to air out your blankets to really shake off that winter vibe. If you have the space in your backyard, then take them outside and hang them on a clothes lines to let them air out and soak in some springtime sunshine. Not only will your blankets be aired out, but they’ll have a new feeling to them because they were hanging on a clothesline and soaking in the sun.

Use Lemon To Remove Water Stains

You’ve probably heard that a lot of cleaning products have toxic chemicals in them. As a substitute for cleaning supplies, you’ll want to use lemons when you are housekeeping. Lemon juice can do so much for cleaning your floors to removing the water stains from faucets and mirrors. You can also use it to clean your microwave and it can be used as an air freshener to really give your home a spring vibe. If you want to remove water stains with lemon, then you’ll want to use half of one and scrub at the faucet where the water stains have settled. Once you’ve scrubbed the lemon over the faucet, you’ll notice how clean and sparkly it becomes due to the citric acid. In addition, you’ll notice the delightful smell of lemony freshness.

For more tips and tricks on spring cleaning, stay tuned for our next blog.