Hair is on your couch and the floors, muddy pawprints are on the floor, and a stained carpet are all clues that you have a furry-friend living with you. While having a dog or a cat can be a great experience and they can become your best friend, you probably also want to minimize the mess in your home. Just because you have a pet doesn’t mean that your home has to be dirty. With regular housekeeping and knowing some tips on taking care of your pet to keep the mess to a minimum, you’re able to tame the disarray created by your animal.

Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With A Pet

Whether you’ve had pets your entire life or you’ve recently gotten the cutest little Labradoodle, you can keep your home clean with a pet. While you might have to dedicate more time to do some housekeeping, you’ll be happy in the long run that your home looks immaculate. Even if your dog sheds a lot or your cat gets sick from hairballs, these tips will help you keep your home clean with a pet. In addition, our cleaning services are a great way to ensure your home is in great shape despite having a furry four-legged friend. Tiffany Maid offers house cleaning, recurring, one-time, office cleaning, move in-move out, and deep cleaning.

Get Your Pet Groomed Regularly

The first tip we can offer you is something you hopefully already do. Always, always get your pet groomed. When you get your animal groomed regularly, it will reduce the amount of hair they shed. Proper grooming will take you a long way toward decreasing the amount of hair that is shed by your beloved pet. You can take your pet to a groomer or you can brush your dog a few times a week. By regularly grooming your pet, you’ll get rid of fur and minimize the mess around your home. The best time you should brush your dog is when he or she comes in from outside, which can decrease the mess of fur as well as allergies due to the airborne skin particles.

Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

The next tip we suggest for taking care of your house with a pet is to stock up on cleaning supplies. Now, you don’t have to go out and raid the nearest store of every type of cleaning supply, but we do advise that you stock up on basics such as Swiffer Sweepers, a vacuum, and spot cleaner. What’s great about Swiffer Sweepers is that they’ll collect all of the little debris you’re not able to see. From hair to dirt and dust, the Swiffer Sweeper will collect the dirt in those hard to reach places. When it comes to spot cleaners, you’ll want to keep your carpet clean and beautiful.

Keep Dirt And Mud In One Place

By keeping all of the dirt in one place, you’ll minimize the mess throughout your home. By stopping the mud at the door, the only area in your home that will be a little dirty is near the door. You can keep a towel near the door and then make sure to always wipe muddy paws before your beloved pet enters the house. Eliminate tracking in mud and dirt by training your dog to wait before they enter the house.

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