In Why You Should Have A Housekeeping Routine, we went over some reasons why you need a housekeeping routine and how it can be beneficial for your lifestyle. After all, even though we come to your home to clean, you’ll still want to tidy up before visits from our cleaning services. However, even though you may do some housekeeping, developing the routine is really what gets most people and turns them off to cleaning.

The routine can be the most difficult part because the last thing you want to do after work is to empty the fridge or pick up after your kids. By creating a schedule that’s right for you, you’ll find that your house is neater because you’re much more willing to get between those nooks and crannies to rid your home of dust bunnies and other messes. Keep in mind that if you absolutely abhor cleaning, our services are specifically geared to save you time as we make sure your home is immaculate. For further information on our cleaning services, contact us today.


Tips To Create The Right Routine For You

As we mentioned above, the routine is what gets most people. On one hand, you make a routine that’s not viable at all for your schedule. For example, you decide you’ll clean one room a night after work, but that ends up with you turning on the television for background noise and getting sucked into another episode of a reality show. On the other hand, you decide that your routine will be to just clean and you have no direction, which ends up with you on the internet looking for tips to clean your home, but instead, falling down a rabbit hole of Buzzfeed quizzes. We’ll help you save some time and provide some tips that will help you make a routine that’s not only best for you, but that you’ll stick to.

Make A List

It’s so simple that you may have already done it, but making a list is one of the best ways for you to get all the facts out in the open. If you need to clean your fridge, put it on the list. If you need to do a bunch of laundry, put it on the list. By creating a long list with everything you need or want to get done, you’ll see the extensive and full picture of housekeeping. Keep in mind there are a few things that our cleaning services can do, so make a list that you feel like only you can do. For example, you could do the laundry and dishes, pick up toys, clean dog hair from the couches, or reorganize the kitchen. If you want to take it one step further, you can even make a master list for things that need to get done periodically and turn it into a chart.

Do Six Things Everyday

If you’re a fan of getting things done, then you probably have those few things that you need to do every day. For instance, if you like to get things done and make progress in your life, you probably make your bed, do the dishes every night, or you like to budget every day to make sure you’re on track. By choosing six things you want to do everyday, you’ll start to notice that your home looks neater, smells better, and feels much less like a disaster zone. In addition, by continuously doing these six things, you’ll notice that it’s much easier to clean. The six things can range from folding laundry for 30 minutes after you get home from work to making sure you do the dishes after you make dinner. As long as you figure out six things to make your life easier, you’ll notice your home runs a lot smoother.

Remember You’re Only Human

Sometimes we can forget that we’re only human. We go and go and go so fast that we forget that we can only do so much. Women forget this as well as men. Even kids can forget it! When you see your messy home and you start to think of everything you need to do in it, remember that you’re only human and you can only do so much. You only have 24 hours in a day — less if you count sleeping — so you can’t do everything. When you start to make your list or do those six things to keep your home clean every day, remember that you only have so much time. Leave all the heavy lifting to Tiffany Maid while you focus on the smaller things.