Having your home cleaned can be freeing for you. Not only do you have more time to spend with your family, but you also can enjoy an immaculate home without having to lift a finger. At Tiffany Maid, we offer you an assortment of housekeeping services such as move in – move out, deep house cleaning, one-time, and recurring. Each of these services is geared to help you have a home you can be proud of. Whether you’re having people over or you just love coming home to a clean house, our housekeeping services will be able to meet your needs.

Prepare Your Home For Our Housekeeping Services

One of the most important facets of hiring a housekeeping service is what you do to prepare for us to enter your home. You may not think that you have to do anything, but in fact, it’s vital that you take the time to prepare before we come clean your house. We emphasize this because we don’t want to spend the time that we’re there picking up items that you don’t want us to focus on or cleaning your kitchen when you really wanted us to concentrate on the bedrooms. In addition, if you have an animal, it’s important that you put them away, so we can avoid any mishaps. Below are just a few of the things you can do to prepare for us to come clean your home.

Pick Up Items

Do you really want us to focus on cleaning up toys or organizing your documents in the office? It’s important that you pick up household items that are on the floor or the countertops as well as put any important documents away. When it comes to picking up toys and other items, we don’t want to spend all of our time at your home organizing the items instead of cleaning. As for the important documents, to the untrained eye, we might think that an important document is just a piece of paper.

Put Away Animals

We adore animals, but when we want to clean your home, it can be difficult to create a sparkling environment when a cute puppy is nipping at our heels or a cat just wants to play. On the other hand, an animal that’s unfamiliar with us might view us as a danger and an accident could occur. To avoid any mishaps, take the time to put your animals away either in a crate or in a locked room before we come clean your home.

Inspect Your Home

Make sure before we arrive that you look through your home for any broken items. We want to make sure that we’re both on the same page when it comes to broken or nearly broken items. We don’t want a miscommunication to occur because an inspection wasn’t completed for damaged or broken items.

Let Us Know What To Focus On

Everyone has an area in their home that they want focused on. Let us know what the problem areas are in your home and make sure to communicate to us what you’d like cleaned before we come to clean. We don’t want to target one area of your home when you want us to pay special attention to another.

Make Sure We Have Access To Your Home

Lastly, make sure that we can get into your home! We don’t want to be locked out, so ensure that we know where the entry key is or to turn off your home security.

If you’re interested in hiring our company, then contact us today.