Kids and housekeeping don’t generally go hand-in-hand. As a matter of fact, housekeeping with kids can be a nightmare. All you want is some help around the house and the last things your kids want to do is clean up. Taking the time to keep a clean house is one of the many nuisances of being a parent. While hiring a housekeeping service such as Tiffany Maid is very beneficial, there are smaller accidents that can happen between visits from our cleaning service. Tiffany Maid is a Top Rated Local® Cleaning Company that serves the Ayers, MA, and surrounding areas. The best part of hiring us is that we’ll make your home or office beautifully spotless for an affordable cost.

Three Suggestions To Take Advantage Of With Kids

While making sure that your house is immaculate is our job, keeping it tidy between visits can be disheartening as a parent, especially when you have kids who forget to take their shoes off and put the dishes in the dishwasher. As a parent, you have those few minutes of a clean house until the kids come home and spread their homework across the table or take out all of their toys in the living room. If you have kids, then this blog will help you keep a tidy house between visits from our housekeeping service.

Recruit The Kids

While kids can be the ones who create the mess most of the time, they can also be the ones who can be your housekeeping helpers. Giving your kids chores early in life will instill a knowledge that they need to unload the dishwasher or wash their own clothes. With extra sets of hands, you’re able to clean your house efficiently and you can even make it fun. By assigning each child a chore no matter his or her age, your kids will be pitching in and learning how to clean the house from an early age. As your kids get older, you can begin to designate bigger cleaning chores until everyone is pitching in around the house and it’s the family’s responsibility, not just yours.

Do A Little Each Day

As a parent, you’re busy. From running around town to pick up items for your child to doing errands, there’s seldom a moment of peace in your average day. By doing a little bit each day when you have kids, you’ll notice that your house will continue to be tidy. When you stay on top of the mess each and every day, your home will be ready for company and the mess will be controlled. No one wants to come home to a filthy house, but if you take the time to tidy up each day, you’ll never have to spend an entire day cleaning, just a few minutes a day to stay up to date with your housekeeping.


Declutter the clutter in your house. Decluttering will help you stay organized and save you time on making your home immaculate. You can spend this cold winter going through your house one room at a time to determine what you need to get rid of and declutter. Decluttering will help you eliminate all of those items you don’t use anymore and you can donate them to a charity to help those who are unable to afford toys, clothes, or other items.

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