The last thing you need to worry about when you have an event at your home is the state of cleanliness. When people are coming to your home, you want to make sure it’s immaculate. You want to be proud of your home when people come over. In addition to worrying about the food, the decor, and how you’re going to look, the last thing you want to think about is how clean your home may be. Additionally, how can you fit in every single thing you need to do before your guests arrive? Instead of worrying about everything that could go wrong and how your home looks, take some of the responsibility off of your shoulders and place it on ours when you decide to hire our cleaning service to clean. We can come to your home in a timely fashion and be out of your house before any guests arrive. When you need your house or office immaculate, then take the time to call on our maid cleaning service for a one-time cleaning. We’ll help you ensure your home is ready for your special event.

There are many instances where you hire us once to clean your home would be a good idea. From dinner parties to special events, we’ll be a team you can rely on to get your home looking spotless. A one-time cleaning can also be a good idea if you just want to take some of the cleaning responsibility off of your plate by hiring an occasional cleaning service. After long work days, taking care of the kids, and ensuring that everything else gets done, sometimes it’s good to hire a one-time cleaning service to help you take a break. When you hire our cleaning services, you’ll be satisfied with the look of your home every time we come to your house. Additionally, we also clean offices. Regardless of the reason why you may need an intermittent cleaning, Tiffany Maid will be there as the team to help you have a beautifully clean home or office.

When you decide to hire us, we offer a few different services for an occasional cleaning. In contrast to our recurring cleaning, one-time cleaning is when we come just once to clean your home from top to bottom. Now, an infrequent cleaning starts like our other services with an evaluation, then we decide what you need as well as what we need to ensure your home is immaculate when you come home. Lastly, we’ll clean your home from top to bottom and remove the dust bunnies and any other potentially harming elements that might be lurking about. Keep in mind just because you signed up for the occasional cleaning doesn’t mean when you call on us again in a few months we’re unable to clean your home or office. This cleaning is sporadic, so you’ll let us know when you need our team to make your home spotless, as opposed to scheduling cleanings regularly. We also offer deep cleaning, which is great for an infrequent cleaning to really remove all of the grime and dust. We look forward to being the cleaning service you can count on!


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