What To Expect With Our Superior Carpet Cleaning Service

When you hire us, below is what you’ll expect with our carpet clening service.

The Mighty Maid combines highly trained, trustworthy professional carpet cleaning technicians with superior deep cleaning performance by removing over 90% of embedded dirt, grime, and odors from carpet.

The Mighty Maid is setting the standard for quality by spending extensive time in training before being entrusted to perform services in your home. Our professionals are then well equipped to identify, evaluate, meet and exceed all of your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

RugDoctor PRO & Oreck Power-Scrubber

  • Powerful: RugDoctors most powerful commercial grade machine with superior deep cleaning suction power, combined with the Oreck Power-Scrubber, removes up to 90% of embedded dirt, stains, oils, grime and odors delivering superior cleaning results
  • Versatile: motorized upholstery
    cleaner cleans carpet, area rugs, upholstery, stairs, mattresses, pet bed, auto interiors and more
  • CRI Platinum Rated: Awarded the highest rating by Carpet & Rug Institute for soil removal, water removal and gentleness on carpet | User-friendly, easy-lift clean and dirty water tanks provide stress-free filling and emptying

Certification and Training

The Mighty Maid technicians stay on the cutting edge of the carpet cleaning industry by participating in annual training and receiving required certification. This way you can be confident that your Mighty Maid professional is experienced in servicing a variety of types of fabric and that they will provide the appropriate care for even the finest carpets, rugs and upholstery.